About Us

The Problems


Injuries and lost time from work or exercise cause massive losses of income, productivity, and health. Careers are negatively impacted and shortened.


Current market solutions focus more on injury treatment and less on injury prevention and utilize a reactive model towards injury and data point analysis.


The predicate cause of these injuries often is not evaluated from a holistic perspective, including:

  • Range of motion
  • Ground force/gravitational pull
  • Eccentric strength components


Traditional medical evaluations do not fully account for these factors and incomplete or incorrect diagnoses occur.


Building customized performance programs curated for individuals based off her/his specific physical KPIs and goals is very difficult.

The Shift

Change the way teams and corporations deal with non-traumatic injuries by adapting a true proactive and injury prevention model. A specific and reproducible model where useful data is collected and used to curate a therapeutic intervention, specific to the sport, position, or health segment.

Injuries happen when:

  1. Useful and relevant data is not collected or fails to identify abnormal dysfunction.
  2. The prescribed therapeutic intervention is not based on data and/or fails to shift that data from red, to green.

It is time to shift the culture that surrounds injuries and their management. Being proactive benefits everyone and is possible with PMotion

The Solutions

Data Driven Analysis:

A platform incorporating world-class cutting-edge technology, data and medical expertise tailored to an Individual that focuses on injury prevention and a return to play and work model

Focused Objectives:

Our proprietary digital platform is customized to an Individual's:

  • Personal Goal (i.e., pro athlete, weekend warrior, 15 individual sports, general population)
  • KPIs that assess Individual’s current health and her/his goal-specific physical readiness

Customized Plans:

Based on that Goal and actual KPI results, our platform prescribes an interactive customized XYZ Program, including correctives (if necessary), as well as strength and flexibility exercises tailored to that individual.

Platform for Everyone:

Our platform improves health, strength and performance.

Our platform assesses the health of members, prescribes a program and tracks performance to such Program that cumulatively improves productivity by keeping their best employees performing at the highest levels.