Our Team


PMotion is a proprietary predictive health platform built on science, data and proven techniques whose mission is to be the global leader in predictive health for individuals, professional sports teams, universities and corporate clients by using our proprietary platform.

Our proprietary platform predicts injury which will reduce personnel costs, optimally returns individuals to play and work and improves health, productivity and performance.

The Team

Dr. Keith Pyne

  • Co-Founder
    • Decades of experience working and consulting with professional sports teams, top athletes, and other high-caliber talents

Dan Marlo

  • Co-Founder
    • Managing Partner 4DX Ventures; decades experience in operating private high-growth companies and Senior Advisor at Silver Lake

Dr. Clayton Roach

  • Co-Founder
    • Owner Roach Chiropractic Centre

Phillip Hyun

  • Technical Advisor
    • Vice Chairman Gen.G esports, President of Nexstar Digital (NASD:NXST)

Charles Im

  • Head of Product Development
    • Over two decades of experience leading product development in information technology, media, gaming and e-commerce